About Me

I am a 42 year old mother of two who suddenly finds herself with only one good arm.  Before my accident I lived a fairly full life chasing my children (husband included), working full time in a senior executive position of a large company, managing a team of 17 people and a portfolio spanning the whole country.

I am also a Solicitor and hold other qualifications relevant to my work. However being a lawyer is not my job, law was just a lifelong goal which I was very proud to achieve.  For fun I ride and compete my horses at the highest level and my husband and I also race motorcycles.  I race an R6 (Yamaha 600) and we have more motorbikes than you can poke a stick at.

My accident put an irreconcilable dent in those hobbies.  However I do have a friend who still races and he is missing both his arm and leg on one side so all hope is not lost.  In fact I sound a little defeatist by comparison.

I am loud and try to be funny. I am a brunette, tall with green eyes.  I love to laugh and I hope my humour carries me through the journey I am now on.  Like it or not I am now disabled.  But that is ok as I am not dead. I get to watch my babies grow up, smell the roses, kiss my gorgeous husband and do so much more than many others. Life goes on.