I love motorbikes.

So does my husband.  I even have my favourite most expensive bike in the foyer of my house (Ducati Tricolore 1098S).  I always have loved them and even though racing them has put me in this position, I long for the day I can do it again.

There is no feeling quite like being leaned over in a corner scraping your knee on the racetrack, turning the throttle and driving that motorcycle out of the corner and moving through time and space.  It’s a rush and a complete escape. You cannot race a motorcycle and think about anything but what you are doing. No worrying that you didn’t turn the iron off on the track.  The only allowable thoughts are ‘how do I go faster, brake later and overtake that bastard in front’?

It’s also really really hard to be fast and being an A type personality I like mastering hard tasks.  I was back riding 10 weeks after both babies, not so much because I missed it, which I did, but because I didn’t want to lose my skills.

A lot of people will not understand.  Especially wanting to ride again after my accident, but once a lover always a lover.    Unfortunately there are a lot of dickheads out there who have no real skills except going flat out in a straight line and behaving like fools in traffic who give those of us with genuine ability and skill a bad name.  Riding at a competitive level is like poetry in motion.  It is a love affair.  So try not to judge us too harshly.  Some of us are not the ones riding ‘like they stole it’ through peak hour traffic. 🙂