Working is good for you

I have always loved working.  In this way I am blessed.  If you love your job you never really have to work, as working is enjoyable.  This for me is very true.  Especially now as I love my current job – which I have had for more than a decade, I happily work long hours as I am passionate about the company I work for, the work I do and my team.

I have dedicated my entire career to helping others, my job is either keeping people safe or building frameworks to help them when injured.  It is ironical is some ways that someone who dedicated their whole life to safety suffered a life long injury slamming into something at 200kph.  What is ironical in truth is that the event that injured me is a never event, all the planets aligned in a negative way and an event occurred that should not have been able to.  Ironical.

So for the last 28 days I have been blundering around between a drug hazed stupor and pain related exhaustion.  One load of washing or trying to put on my bra required a lay down.  Struggling into a new pair of underpants and sports bra left me heaving like a marathon runner.

Despite this I have dragged my ass to work a number of times despite being certified unfit.  The first day I went to work was 3 days after being discharged from hospital and on that day I did two separate one hour presentations on separate subjects.  One was to a room full of 45 CEOs.  I didn’t miss a beat in either, except for an excess amount of sweating.

At least I don’t have a brain injury.

So the point I am painstakingly getting to is work is good for you.  I currently cannot drive (one of the perks of a serious injury – your licence is cancelled), I live over an hour from my work, I am exhausted all the time, I have every excuse under the sun to stay on the lounge but every day I want to go.  Because when I am there I am busy and I stop thinking about how much pain I am in.  I feel like I did before my injury.

It is the same when our house is buzzing, the kids are running around, my husband and I are doing jobs and I forget I am in pain or that I only have one good arm.  For a moment anyway (or until that god damned plastic bag shows its stupid face).

So today was the first full day, well eight hours anyway.  A full day for me normally is closer to double that.  Whilst I hit the wall of exhaustion in the afternoon I enjoyed being there, thinking, responding, making decisions and being the normal me.  My arm or lack of it was not relevant and that felt great.

So I continue to be a believer of the work is good for you philosophy.  Hi ho hi ho, its off to work I go.

This was me today in my office, which I love, slowly smashing out left handed emails until my dragon software arrives.